Open Type compiling error


I made some alternate characters (based on technical recommendations from this thread).

As i’ve added alternate characters, I’ve run into another problem - when I compile the opentype with the new charaters, I get this error:

cmap{plat=3,script=1,lang=0}: multiple glyphs three.ss01 three mapped to code <33>

I don’t think I really have duplicate characters, so I’m at a bit of a loss as to how to deal with this.

Any Ideas on how to fix this?

Can you select the three.ss01 glyph and run Font menu > Update Glyph Info?

That gives me a new error:
cmap{plat=3,script=1,lang=0}: multiple glyphs five.ss01 five mapped to code <35>
Tried doing the same, both to the five and the five.ss01, but this error doesn’t want to go away.

I’d try selecting all glyphs in Font View, update Glyph Info and update/recompile in Font Info > Features.