Open type SVG gont & apple color font issues


i try to make a bitmap svg font so i created the extra layer drag my svg files in each glyph but after that when i export the font it appears as blank glyphs. I tried all the tutorials but nothing improved.

Then i decide to make an apple color font and then make a table to use it as svg font. Easy…
The problem here is that when i create my iColor layer and try to drag the png files with my glyphs nothing happens. It doesn’t let me import the glyphs and i don’t know what to do…

I use version 2.5 on macos 10.13.6

Please Help!

Please make sure you have the latest version (2.6). Also, try the latest beta please. Go to Glyphs > Preferences > Updates, activate both checkboxes and press the Update button.

Make sure you save the file first, and the PNGs are in a subfolder next to the .glyphs file, as described in the tutorial.