Opening Glyphs 3 file on Glyphs 2.6.5

I would like to open my Glyphs 3 file on Glyphs 2 because I find that many of the plugins that I use (SuperTool, Red Arrows, Stem Thickness…) don’t work on Glyphs 3. The error says The file was saved in a newer version of Glyphs and is not supported by this version. Is there a way to do so until the plugin issues are resolved on Glyphs 3?

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You can change the file format in Font Info > Other.

We are working on the plugin problem. We are almost there.


I just double checked. Stem Thickness and Red Arrows work as expected in Glyphs 3 (3050):


They both need the modules installed as well.

Of @SimonC’s SuperTool only the Harmonize function (in the context menu) works currently. What do you use it for? Perhaps we can find an alternative until Simon fonds the time to update the plug-in.

I installed all the modules as per your suggestion through the plugin manager. The plugin’s still don’t seem to work. I use Curvature and Tunni Lines predominantly in SuperTool. Would be great to have something that serves this function, thank you! :slight_smile: