Opening Selected Kern Pairs from Kerning Window

Hi, is there a method to open only particular kern pairs shown in the Kern window?
When I select “Show all Glyphs” from the drop-down menu, it shows me all the combinations that occur within the kern groups. I want to only open the combinations that I select in the window.

Do I understand correctly, you have a pair with one or two kerning groups, like so:

  • @‌Ta
  • T@a
  • @T@a

And you would like the glyphs T and a to show up when clicking the pair?

This is something that glyphs cannot do since the kerning group name is independent from the glyph names. Often, by convention, kerning groups are named after glyphs, but that is only a convention.

I think I complicated the question. I want to select and view multiple kern pairs from the kerning window.

I can click on one kern pair and it appears in the Text view. I want to do the same for multiple kerning pairs that I select. Is this possible?

(Also, I realised I wrote Kern Groups in the title when what I meant was Pairs.)

I rather not add all selected pairs to the edit view as sometimes one does Command+A and that could add a lot pairs.

Maybe it could be a two-step process? On selection there’s already an option called ‘Show all Glyphs’ but that adds all kerning pairs from all characters within the kern groups of the selection. There could be an additional option called ‘Show Selected Pairs’ that shows only the selected pairs.

It would be a massive help while exceptionally kerning in scripts like the one I am working on; Kannada. Please consider it.