OpenType features greyed out in Illustrator

I have a font with a Stylistic Set (ss01). Can’t figure why Illustrator greys out all the Open Type features in this font. The feature works fine in InDesign. Interestingly, I can copy paste the text, with the features applied, from ID into Illustrator the text is intact with the features. Just can’t access them in Illustrator. Has anyone experienced this?

Can you send me one of the .otf?

I’ve sent you the following via email:

  1. The .otf file and the .glyphs file
  2. Sample text in .indd and .ai
  3. Screen shots showing the problem

You need to register the lookups for DFLT and tml2. Or set the language in Illustrator to Tamil.

Awesome! Registering the lookups for both DFLT and tml2 works. Thank you!