OpenType features preview buggy?

I added a substitution to the liga feature. Activating the liga feature in the preview panel used to let the substitution show up. After playing around with “remove glyph” and “replace features” instance parameters it does not work anymore. I assume the panel either shows an older version of the features or just shows the liga feature as it would be generated automatically. The substitution works after exporting OTF files, so I guess it is just a preview problem? I cleared the temp folder and rebooted, but it didn’t change anything. Is there some sort of Glyphs cache that needs to be cleared? Or how can I fix this issue? Anything I have done wrong or missed? Thanks!

Version 2.3 (895)

Did you hit the Compile button in the feature panel?

If the Compile button is the German “Test” button, yes.

Can you send me the .glyphs file (to support at this domain)?


You have a ‘Replace Feature’ custom parameter in your instances. It is applied for the internal font that is generated internally.

Thanks for replying! I’m sorry, I didn’t expect putting a Replace Feature in one instance would affect all instances of the preview. I guess I thought it would work with different parameters for each instance because in my first try I had the substitution in the replaced liga features (bold and black), not in the basic liga feature. Later I had it in the basic liga feature and a replaced liga feature without substitution for thin to medium.

Now that I put the substitution in the feature parameters of the affected instances (bold and black), the preview is shown right. But when I edit the replaced feature and want to substitute e.g. “r” instead of “f”, then the change doesn’t show up and the f ist still substituted, although this is not mentioned in any feature. Only when I delete the replaced feature, the wrong substitution preview disappears. When does the preview update or how can I provoke it? Thanks!

Playing around I noticed that the replaced feature only shows up when it was in the basic feature before.

The preview uses the first instance. This is probably not a good idea, through.