OpenType features preview not working

OpenType preview is not working in text view window. My multiple master file compiles without errors but feature preview does not work. This is a legacy job where the features were already working in a FontLab file. I exported the file to Glyphs and the only thing I needed to do to get it to compile is add the script latn tag to the top of each feature. Now it compiles but does not preview. The exported fonts work in InDesign. I did not remake the features by renaming glyphs so that Glyphs would generate the feature automatically. I am using build 963.

if you add a latin tag, you also need to activate the Latin script in the feature popup. You might need to update the LanguageSystems entry, too.

Yes. Adding the Languagesystems entry fixed it. The language systems entry came over from FontLab as “FontLab OTPanel”. I renamed it and now the languages show up in the feature popup.


I had a problem where alternates and other things were not showing in illustrator or indesign but this helped me activate in the Languagesystems “Generate feature automatically” and now everything works as it should! Thanks guys!

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