There seems to be a bug with openTypeOS2Type custom parameter. It isn’t allowing me to set it at ‘not set’ it keeps defaulting back to ‘preview and print’.

Also had an issue yesterday where I set it to ‘not set’ and it locked me out of the file. I had to manually delete the custom parameter in a text editor.


What version do you have?

I have the most up to date version.

Mac 10.8.2

Also, is there a setting for the openTypeOS2Type custom parameter that is the equivalent to installable mode (everything is allowed) in Fontlab? No matter how I try to set this parameter in Glyphs there are restrictions on the actual .otf file when I open it Fontlab.

You have to set it to “not set”. This means no restrictions. This is how the spec call it. The wording can clearly be improved :wink:

Ok, that was what I thought but it doesn’t preserve as ‘no restrictions’ when I open the generated .otf in Fontlab. It shows up only as ‘Printing and Previewing’. Could this be part of the potential bug?

Could you send me the .glyphs and the .otf file?