Opsz preview errors

I’m working on something with 2 axes: weight & optical size. the preview pane only shows differences in the weight axis, but no opsz variations. (I haven’t added any opsz instances other than masters, do I need to?)

when I make an edit to the optical size master, the preview seems to move paths in the opposite direction… but still doesn’t show the optical size variants. and the character exports correctly, with changes showing as they should.

here’s what I mean. the first image is correct, before adding the opsz axis, showing only weight instances.

this is after adding the opsz axis, and making the lightest A 20 units wider with a 20 unit thicker stroke.

so I’m confused about those two things. do I have my masters in the wrong order or something?

current order is

  • light text (weight = 100 optical size = 10)
  • black text (weight = 900 optical size = 10)
  • light display (weight = 100 optical size = 50)
  • black display (weight = 100 optical size = 50)

What are your instances and what are the optical size settings for them?

never mind; that was the problem. I had forgotten to customize sizes in the instances, so everything was going haywire.

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