Optimal settings for font substitution

Are there any custom parameters or other setting for a single-script font that would substitute or prevent display .notdef; when end-user of this font deals with multi-script text?
For example MS Word substitutes none available glyphs of a Hebrew font that does not support Basic Latin;
Whilst Adobe Indesign display .notdef for none-Hebrew text when typesetting with that font.

You cannot control app behavior with the font. What you describe is expected: substitute font in office software, notdef in DTP Apps.

Some apps take PANOSE settings into account for finding substitute fonts. Personally, I only have seen Corel Draw do that.

Why is it important? Are you trying to fix a specific situation?

I though there is a way to trigger font substitution similar to CSS with web browser.
Working on multi-lingual text with a single script font; may become a big burden replacing the .notdef glyphs … particularly when plenty of Latin words swim in a non-latin huge text. Then you need to pick it manually and change setting of each word!

That is not the task of the type designer.

You can add classification info to the font, but it is hardly supported, and even if it is supported, it may not do what you think it should do.

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