Order of automatic alignment changed?

Hello. I am trying to build an fi ligature from three components (don’t ask me why).
I have:

  • _f.base
  • _part.f.bar
  • i

In my _part.f.bar glyph, I have an anchor like this:

My idotless has the following:

In previous Glyphs versions (not sure up until which), it was possible to build my fi ligature from these three components and “attach” the i to the bar, like this:

The i would be automatically aligned.
For some reason, I cannot enable automatic alignment for the i, Glyphs claims it is already enabled:

When I enable the automatic alignment for the first component of the composite (_f.base), the i becomes automatically aligned.

What is going on?

Can you send me that file?

Sent, thank you.