Order of nodes on export

The following glyph (with open paths) has the first node of second path positioned at (465,500):

But when I export to UFO…:

  <point x="486" y="0" type="move"/>

I have an application where the order of nodes is significant. Is there a good reason why Glyphs is reordering my path here?

That has mostly historical reasons. And what is displayed as start node in Glyphs vs RF.

Could it please be fixed? I would argue that it’s a bug - I told Glyphs that I want something to be the start node, and then Glyphs does not treat it as the start node.

What do you mean by start node? The one with the triangle? Have a look at the data. That is actually the last node in the list. In the ufo, this node will be the actual first node so that the path looks the same in RF.

You are right. It’s actually a different issue: I hit “Make Node First” and assumed that it had changed the order, but nothing happened. When you “Make Node First” on the end of an open path, it should have the same effect as reversing the contour.


Make node First is not doing anything for an open path. It should not even show the command in the context menu.