Ordinal values of weight should not be duplicates

Since no matter how hard I try, I cannot get Glyphs3 to accept edits to weight values, why are several of the values the same and un-editable? I would either like the freedom to select weight order myself or have the default values made progressive as shown.

I meant for “UltraLight” to precede and be lighter than “Extralight”

I have fixed that already.

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Thanks, Georg!
Will that revision be released soon?

There is no functional issue. Internally, it only stores the numbers anyway.

How do I control sort order then?

Now I see. I misread your question.

The spec suggest to use only increment of 100. It should work fine with smaller steps, though.
You can just type the value you like (250) into the text field and ignore the names.

I will try that

Hint: look only at the numbers, ignore the names. They are just placeholder descriptions taken from the spec. The double entries are from a deprecated version of the spec. The upcoming Glyphs version will have the reformed menu.

By the way, the usWeightClass spec dropped the ‘increment of 100’ recommendation, and now only states:

While integer values from 1 to 1000 are supported, some legacy platforms may have limitations on supported values.

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I will look forward to the update, thanks!

The update is purely cosmetic and you can do all that with the current version. No need to wait.

Got it, thanks, George. I will prepare my family for release with current “cutting edge”

I redid all my values and got all the weights in proper order. Thanks for everyone’s help!
Soon time for release.