.osf Oldstyle Figures in InDesign

Hi, I have created my first font that includes oldstyle figures. So in Number I have a set of:
Decimal Digit
& Oldstyle Figures [zero.osf, one.osf etc. ]

When I am using the font as an .otf in InDesign, I can see the oldstyle figures in the glyphs palette and enter them manually, but that’s a pain on a lot of text.

Is there an option in the Open Type dropdown to set all figures in a block of text to automatically be the oldstyle figures? I’ve tried a few options but nothing is working. Is it a stylstic set?


  1. In Glyphs, go to File > Font Info > Features and press Update and Compile.
  2. Reexport into the Adobe Fonts folder.
  3. In InDesign, select text and activate OpenType > Proportional Oldstyle (multiple ways to do that).

Thanks! Can’t believe I forgot to Update.
Works perfectly now.

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