OT features don't work outside Glyphs


I am developing a font with some basic OT features like frac, liga, dlig, ss01, and so on, and they are all working in Glyphs. It has been correctly compiled and automatically generated. Until now it all seems ok.

When I export, install and try the otf file in illustrator or inDesign, these features don’t appear/work.

Does it have something to do with the Custom Parameters?

Thanks in advance!

Can be a cache problem or font conflict. How did you install the font? Make sure it’s only there once in all Adobe folders and FontBook.

If the installation is not the problem: how do you activate the features?

It is installed in both adobe folder and Fontbook.

What do you mean by activate da features? In illustrator/indesign?
If so…
illustrator: Window > Type > OpenType
inDesign: In the upper right corner there is a dropdown menu with the OT features. And they all appear between “[ ]” (which means that it is unavailable).

While working on a font, you should never install it in FontBook.

It’s a font conflict. Only install it once. I suggest you remove the font from Fontbook, restart (important), and make sure it is only in one of the Adobe folders, preferably /Library/Application Support/Adobe/Fonts/

Georg Seifert

That was it!

Now it is only installed at the Adobe Fonts Folder and it’s working!