OT features in Indesign

Wondering how the following OT features can be achieved in Glyphs:
Overlap Swash & Stretched Alternate.

While looking for resources I found the following link also asking the same question:

Not sure. You would have to ask Adobe.

Perhaps this one for Stretched Alternates:

And maybe this one for Overlap Swashes:

Based on what Georg replied to me some months ago about a similar feature question, a user can hand-code whatever features they want to in a font if the editor doesn’t do it automatically. The user just has to follow the rules defined by Microsoft or Adobe. All of that information is freely available online.

As for the Adobe thread pertaining to InDesign, the inaccessible features indicated by the square brackets are that way because the font being used doesn’t contain them. If the feature is available in the font, the brackets would not be there.

Yes, but the question was, which feature hides behind the Adobe InD ME menu entries for Stretched Alternates and Overlap Swashes? There is nothing with that name registered in the OT spec. I could only guess, and someone with InD ME needs to try if it works.

Do you think that that could be for AAT support?

I don’t think that Indesign supports AAT.

The Stretched Alternates and Overlap Swash functions don’t really belong in the OT menu, since they don’t appear to map to any registered OTL features. They date from the Middle East version of InDesign CS3, and presumably were added by WinSoft, who were then responsible for this and some other localised versions of Adobe software.

I’ve not been able to determine how these functions are implemented. It’s possible they map to custom OT tags in WinSoft’s own Arabic fonts, which were bundled with InDesign ME. Or they may use some other black box mechanism.

What I do know is that these are Arabic-specific functions, respectively activating horizontally elongated forms and final swash letters with left sidebearings set to allow the swash to extent under the following word or lettergroup (henc ‘overlap’).

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