OT Features not woking in win Word

Creating a south asian font, the Open Type features are working as expected in mac but on win the features are not showing properly.

I have tired to export as ttf and otf, with and without auto-hinting but still not working.

Could anyone point me in the right direction.

Many Thanks

There are several threads about that on the forum.

And we need more info about the problem. What does “showing properly” mean?

I have looked at all the threads that I can find with an issue regarding windows and I have tried them all. i.e. adding all the windows 1252 glyphs, making sure all the language-systems are defined, trying with and without auto hinting.

Sorry, “Showing Properly” means the glyphs are not being shown as per the rules in the OT features. Whereas the same combination of characters in mac osx shows according to the rules.

Kind Regards

What Indic language? What text and what feature code?

At the moment it is character set is Gujarati (planning on adding Devanagari), and the codes that are not working are:
rphf, rkrf, half, cjct, abvs and haln these are the ones that I am able to test as the other codes rely on these tables.

It seems that is not reading any of the tables.

Did you write the feature code yourself or did Glyphs generate the code? Did you update the LanguageSystems and have set all scripts for the lookups correctly?
Can you send me the file?

Initially I let glyphs automatically create the feature codes, but wanted to show combining glyphs in a different way; which is considered, by some organisations, easier to read.

But when I realised it didn’t work in reverted and set all codes to0 ‘generate automatically’ yet it still didn’t work.
Also i did update the language systems, it seemed to have generated the languages as per the glyphs in the file.

I have sent the file to you.

I looked into this and can reproduce the problem but I can’t figure out was is wrong.