OTF causes fatal error when installing – DSIG mistake?

i made some adaptions (mainly ligatures) in an existing monospace font and exported it.
When installing, Mac OSX warns with a fatal error called “Überprüfung des Systems”.
When checking the font in FontForge, it says following warning:
“The following table(s) in the font have been ignored by FontForge. Ignoring “DSIG” digital signature table.”

How can I fix that issue in Glyphs?

Do the errors cohere?

Did you make the fonts with Glyphs?
The dsig table it exported to make Windows recognise it as OpenType font, but is empty and should not cause problems. Does the validation show any other info?

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Which version of macOS? In some system versions it depends from where you install the font.

See the related tutorials please:

Update: see this related post/thread:

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Thank you!
Installting the font file from desktop made the warning disappear. (OSX15)

I made the font changes with glyphs, I do not know where the original file was made in.
No other information in the FontForge validation.

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