OTF colored fonts support in office for windows

I made a new custom font that has special colored look, when using it in InDesign or any other adobe program it works perfectly (shows colors and all) but when using it on my windows computer it makes it all one color.

the font when using PowerPoint/word on windows:

I’ve tried using it on mac pc and there it again works perfectly in office apps.
the font when using in office apps on macos:

the font when using in any adobe app on windows/macos:

any ideas or someone who had the same problems while using otf fonts?

The support for color fonts is fragmented. There are several different format how to store color information and different apps support different ones. For PC Office, I would think that you have the most success with CORL/CPAL. But that might not be supported in Adobe apps.

And you really need to work on your spacing: Spacing | Glyphs

the spacing is part of the problem when using office apps, you can see its perfectly good when using it in adobe programs

I’ve actually used the CORL/CPAL option, but for some reason the color still wont work in office apps. (it makes them all be the same color instead of being multi-color)

I’m adding screenshots of the font info panels, maybe it can help you help me understand what I did wrong.

Do not expect any reliable font implementation in these apps. You will need to explain to users how to disable legacy compatibility in Word (which apparently is on by default, and which breaks fonts, most simply put), and that in itself is an adventure.

Having said that, you can have both SVG and CPAL/COLR in the same font, with the right parameters. See the tutorials.

we made that font using this exact tutorial (Creating a Micro­soft color font CPAL/‌COLR), but the font still insisting on showing only the fallback.

would you mind looking at the screenshots nevol sent and see if we missed something or made any mistake?
I can even send you the Glyphs file if your willing to go over it and see if you can spot the problem yourself, if its not too much trouble.

thank you so much!


Can you send me the .glyphs file?

thank you!

I can’t send an attachment on here cause I’m a new user.
do you have a mail address I can sent it through?

send it by email to support at this domain.

sent you the open Glyphs file.

It seems the setup is actually not supported. So it not exporting the COLR table that is needed for Office. I’ll see if I can add it but for now, you need to add the color layers as described here: Creating a Microsoft color font (CPAL/COLR) | Glyphs