OTF font could not be opened

I’m experimenting with an old free Adobe font (“cheq”), making some design changes, etc. I’ve generated the font on a win machine with FontLab 5 and tested the font copied to the “Document Fonts” folder with InDesign. Everything looked fine (also exported well to Acrobat PDF).
My next step which I would like to play with is the variable font technique. Unfortunately, when trying to open the font in Glyphs I got the error message: “The document “CheqFig.otf” could not be opened. No Name Table.”
Any idea how I can fix the font so that I can edit it in Glyphs?

You could try the Fontlab export scripts: https://github.com/schriftgestalt/Glyphs-Scripts

Can you send me the .otf file?

here: CheqFig.zip (9.0 KB)

Didn’t you get it?

I got it and it works fine for me. What version of Glyphs do you have?

I have V.2.6.2 (1267)