OTF for Script Typeface


So this may be a basic question, but I kind of just started with a script typeface that needs some opentype features.

I’m working on a script typeface and I’m using .init and .fina glyphs and managed to implement them to the font.

The typeface is mostly connected but I’d like some letters to be »seperated«, like the lowercase a.

After the a I would like the letter to be followed by a »*.init« letter.

for example if i got the combination »a+r« I would like to tell it to switch to »a+init.r«

I hope i made the point clear, it’s kind of hard to explain.

Thanks in advance


Does this help you?

This helps a lot, but still I have problems finding a solution for the specific situation


if i want the »a« to be followed by any ».init« letter instead of the normal letter

I tried
"sub a @Medial by a @Initial;"
but can’t compile, getting an Error message : »invalid ligature replacement.«

Add a ’ after the @Medial

thanks a lot,

it worked with the ’

I also just learned that it has to be

sub a @Medial’ by @Initial; (without a second »a« after the »by«)
instead of
sub a @Medial’ by a @Initial;