OTF Kerning PowerPoint

I’ve been following the discussions in other threads about how kerning works in powerpoint (OTF in specific). In my case, I exported TTFs with “Kern Flatteren” @mekkablue and they worked in both Word and Powerpoint (Mac & Windows).
Unfortunately, my client needs to use only OTF files.
I’ve tried using the “keep kerning loop in a lookup” and other custom parameters and enabling kerning in the advanced powerpoint panel, but nothing, there is no trace of kerning. Is there any way to export OTFs with a kerning table to make them work in powerpoint?

Not sure what that mean. OTF can contain flat kerning tables.

Okay, but is there any way to make kerning work in Powerpoint (Mac) using OTFs? I have tested several OTF fonts and the problem is common: no kerning.

I see. Then you can’t have both. ;(