Outline bugs since update to Glyphs 3210

Hello, since updating to the most recent version 3210 just before some of my outlines show odd additional curves. They appear as grey lines in edit view and result in damaged outlines in filled view.
Can you fix this, please?

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It looks like you have a filter going in a special parameter. What you see on your screen is a preview of your lettershapes through that filter.

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I have the same happening. Older and new files.

There are several filters set up, but I’ve got only “Remove overlaps” and “Disable subroutines” activated. The issue appeared immediately after updating to 3210.

Work was done on this code for this release. Try to delete the filter parameters, save, then close Glyphs and open the file again.

I fixed it. An udate is on its way.

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Thank you, Georg, great!

Update is out.

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Thank you!

It’s still happening in 3211

Funky G!

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Can you send me those outlines?

Corner components misbehaving v 3.2 (3211)

Anyway to downgrade to the previous version?

Can you send me a test file?


Thanks for the file. I fixed those problems.

Still getting this outline error on just updated v 3212. :face_with_spiral_eyes:

Can you send me that glyph?

Apologies for the late reply, it seems 3.2 (3212) has resolved the issue, but attached is the test file anyway.

The behavior I’m used to should looks like this:

Screen Shot 2023-08-18 at 1.38.12 PM

3210 corner issues.glyphs (10.1 KB)

Fixed the “b”. thanks.