Outline font with noodler

Hello everyone,

Quick question: is there any way to apply “Noodler” filter assinging the position percentage like Offset Curve does? Noodler is working pretty nice but I would like to keep the same x-height I had in the filled version of the font.

Thank you all.

No. But the code is open source and you can add that functionality yourself.

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Thanks @mekkablue !

I was wondering if I could do something like this. However, I thought I could look inside Offset Curve plugin and try to adapt this functionality to Noodler but I can’t find the .py archive that is running this plugin.

Is there a way to open default plugins like Offset Curve and adapt some parts to new plugins?

Thank you so much, Rainer.

The Offset Curve filter is as all default plugins written in ObjectiveC and those can’t be opened or edited.

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Thank you so much Georg. I’ll try to find this functionality in another place.

Adapt the Noodler to your needs. It is written in Python and shouldn’t be too hard to adapt to your needs

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Thank you so much. I will try to make it by myself even though I don’t know that much about Python. Maybe I should now spend a weekend with the tutorials about Python you provided in Tutorials.

Once again, thank you so much.