Outline script font with angled ellipse

Hi guys,
is there any reliable way to outline script font with an angled ellipse? It should be 45 wide and 35 high with 45deg angle.

I’ve tried broadnibber, which gives nice angled stroke, but I can not set the ending to ellipse + I would need to have cap here to connect to adjacent stroke. I’ve tried outline stroke, which can be made angled but still this only gives me circle ending. Letterink I thought will make it as expected, but the results are unpredictible and for the same shape outline with different connection it gives various results… I’m out of options. Do you know any tool, filter please? Thx.


Outline stroke


You might also want to try this plugin by @jkutilek:

Best implementation I know is LTTR/INK.

Just tried the plugin from Jens and it is perfect for my case. Thx. Florian for mentioning it, we’re already in touch with Jens.

LTTRINK unfortunately gave me loads of unpredictible thick/thin spots on the same curvature. Even with handles being very reasonable, moving one handle sometimes drastically changed the rendering…