Outlook is not presenting all family weights

Hi all,

Does anyone know, besides using style-linked, if there is a way that I can export the font so that Outlook will present all font weights?

Thanks in advance

Style linked fonts are never shown in MS Office apps. Which font is not showing up?

Sorry, let me rephrase my question.

The issue is only with “Rich Text” in MS Outlook

When I’m sending an email in rich text using 4 weights (light, regular, semi bold and extra bold) the email arraives with only 2 weights - light and regular, even though I have all 4 weights installed in my computer.
There is no problem with HTML text (i.e regular email)

Do you any idea what can cause this issue?

I would not use custom fonts in outlook. Expect for newsletter (that probably be better of as html), I would recommend to use plain text. Because none of the recipients will have your fonts. And when you send formatted emails from Outlook, the conversations will not display at all on Apples and other standard compliant email clients.

But to your actual problem: have you read this: Naming | Glyphs

Thanks @GeorgSeifert, I totally agree with you, unfortunately it’s my client who has the problem, and it’s a 3,500 people organization, so I can’t really tell them how to work, just solve their problem.

Per the link you sent, I already read it and followed the steps :slight_smile:, the thing is that the font works fine in a regular email but once they copy and past it, into a rich text email the system doesn’t recognize the heavier weights (semibold and extra bold) and sends blank space instead.

Do you, or anyone else, have any idea what can cause this problem or what can I do to fix it?

It shouldn’t send black spaces. It should use a fallback font. Is there any chance to get the rtf data that shows this?