Overlap Knockout

Hi Glyph People,

I’m a first time poster, so hello to all and I appreciate any feedback I receive from you kind folk.

I have a bit of a situation that I’m hoping someone could help me out with.

When I output as an .otf file, a font that I have been requested to change the letter “L” seems to create an overlap knockout when I use the font in other apps. When in indesign it happens when I increase the font size to above 64point, in illustrator: 32 and photoshop it happens on all sizes.

Does anyone have any suggestions for this problem? I am new to outputting fonts, but an old hat at designing letters. So apologies in advance if I am unsure of any technical questions.


This is a path direction problem.

  1. Select all glyphs in Font View
  2. Layers > Correct Path Direction

You’re a legend! Thank you Mekkablue.

Thank you for this! I was having the same issue.