Overlap letters

is there a way to change the way how one letter overlap the following letter (standard: the following one is in the front)
I need the following letter in the back.

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No. Unfortunately not. I have complained about that in the OpenType meetings a few times. e.g. Color font with overlapping letters — TypeDrawers

My fonts Bouncy and Toony are not svg/color fonts, but are overlapping in the order you are requesting, using hundreds of contextual alternates.

This approach is possible but very laborious. It could be automated to a certain extend by a script …

I would be interested in having/helping out with such a script.
I have an unreleased font where I used ChatGPT to help me create the hundreds of alternates and to make every letter fit together. I basically had ChatGPT write both the glyph recipe and the OpenType code after my idea.

The script would put the all combination next to each other and cut out the shape from the right letter. For color layers like in your example, it is a bit more tricky as it needs to cut each color shape.

Here is my new “Mickey Mouse” font where all letters overlap. It even overlaps diacritic letters, as long as they’re not double diacritic.
(Regular non-color font, contextual alternates required)

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