Overlapping components issue in generated VFs

I am creating some double arrows by compositing eg. leftArrow and rightArrow. They have overlapping tails, and Mark’s Variable Font Preview they render correctly

but the generated VF TTFs have the overlaps instead missing.
Screenshot 2023-09-15 at 11.15.49

Did you flip the components once or did you rotate them?

I drew the upArrow, then I made the rightArrow from placing upArrow as a component and rotating it -90deg in the component attribute. Then I made rightArrow from leftArrow with a horizontal scaling of -100% in the component attribute. Then I made leftRightArrow from placing the leftArrow and rightArrow as components with overlapping ‘tails’.

When you have one -100%, you reverse the path direction. Flip the other direction, too. That will not change appearance but will give the correct path direction and that avoids the rendering issue.

Right, that fixed it.

@Mark would possibly be interested in this deviating behaviour between Glyphs and VFP?

The built in instance preview would likely behave the same as VFP, I assume. Showing the expected output that is, even though the export might not be the expected.