Im currently working on a project where i want to give this thing a shot seen on the C/ and G/

Is there anyway to create a sort of outline around a diacritic so when it overlaps with a character it becomes visible? And if possible i would also love to avoid decomposing components.

Ta very much


This is currently not possible.

Alright, Georg. Thanks anyway.

Sorry to ask this question but do you know if it’s possible to do it with another software?

Thanks for your answer

This almost possible in Glyphs 3. You need to decompose the components but you can keep the original shape. Add a path that is a bit bigger as your mark, select it and click the “mask” checkbox in the lower right. Then add the path of the accent.

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Thank you for your answer. I added a bit bigger path and clicked the “mask” but I don’t know how to do the last step. Could you explain me ?

And I can’t save my file because of the mask, how does it work ?

Why can’t you save your file? Do you get an error message?

Are you trying to save as .ufo (Unified Font Object) or in Glyphs 2 format (see File > Font Info > Other)? Neither UFO nor Glyphs 2 support the new features, including masking. Make sure you switch the Font Info setting to Glyphs 3, and save as .glyphs.