Overlapping nodes in a variable font problem

Hi! Have a problem that overlapping nodes aren’t synced in some instances in a variable font. This screenshot is Aogonek made of components with anchors. In every master the ogonek component sits on the very edge of A component so those nodes have to overlap, but in some instances they are off by a couple of units as you can see. Have the same problem in uogonek, but all other letters work fine with the same setup. Weird.

No problem in static fonts or generated instances in Glyphs. Seems to be the variable format problem specifically. Previously I had (still have) another issue which seems to be based on the same problem: Stacked nodes travel different paths

Any chance this can be solved and nodes that have the same coordinates can stay the same all along the way?

That is a problem of added roundings. Does it make a difference if you set the width of ogonekcomb to 0 and shift the content in such a way that _ogonek anchor is at 0,0?

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Thank you, that worked! Had to decompose u made of n though, probably transformations also require roundings?