Overlapping weights

Hey :slight_smile: is there a feature in Glyphs, or potentially an external plugin/tool that lets you overlap a selection (or all) instances of a typeface, somewhat similar to this illustration? https://i.imgur.com/VQPAGEP.png

Not sure this is what you are after, but there is a plugin Show Interpolations https://github.com/mekkablue/ShowInterpolations

Install the plug-in for free in Window > Plug-in Manager.

this is great, thank you!

Are you looking for this as a visual aid in Glyphs, or do you want to create images for presentation purposes like this? For the latter, take a look at DrawBot if you haven’t already :slightly_smiling_face:

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Or print the window into a PDF and post process it in a vector editor like AI. The mekkablue script App > Print Window can help.


Or this, if we’re plugging our scripts. It looks much cooler :grin:

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