Overriding copyright in Glyphs Project doesn't work

It seems that adding a copyright custom parameter to an instance in a Glyphs project doesn’t override the copyright field from the source file in the exported font.
Overriding with a Name Table Entry parameter for ID1 does work though.

I’m on 1312, and wondering if this has been introduced recently because I thought this was working before.
I know I’ve had issues, at least at some point, with some custom parameters that were not working properly for which I had to use Name Table Entry instead (Name ID3 - Unique Id is one of them, not sure if that is fixed is more recent versions of Glyphs).

Thanks for the report. I fixed the copyright export. You mean overwriting with ID0?

uniqueID does work for me.

Yes, my bad, I meant ID0.
Good to know about uniqueID, it didn’t work when I was making a tool that builds it automatically from other info, I think maybe two years ago, and since Name Table Entry works I stuck with it.