Palette Shortcuts

Is there any plugin that can add shortcut buttons for selected scripts&plugins to the palette?
I find it a bit hard navigating or searching for a script every time I need it. Adding a small button to the palette would be “life changing” :slight_smile:

For plugins, ‘Reporter Toggler’ is quite useful. As for scripts, you can use ‘FastScripts.’
Both are accessible through the Plugin Manager in Glyphs.

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Thank you Hugo!!

You can also define keyboard shortcuts for scripts in the app settings.

For the power-user-needs as of today there is also the ‘Script Deck’ plugin. (PDF manual)

It is inspired by pad controllers (like midi drum pads or stream deck) but designed to be fully integrated into Glyphs.

Its strength over fast scripts is its flexibility and visual representation. I used fast scripts a lot and love it, but when you have more than 10 favourite scripts, it quickly gets too much too parse.