Panic with Glyphs 3.2 bug

Hello there,
I’m reporting an unknown and big bug on glyph 3.2.
I was editing the italic version of a font by coping and pasting glyphs from the roman file as I 've done lot of times in previous version of the app . And after getting an error I restarted the app and every glyph windows was like there is a semitrasparent paper over the outlines. I can see them, I can select them but I cannot edit them.
Attached an image of the error report and how appear a selected glyph layer.
I lost three hours of work and this is never happened with the previous versions.
Can anyone help me with this?

What version of Glyphs 3.2 is that (the four digit number starting with 31)?

The error message is a bit strange as doesn’t match the code it mentioned.

The colorful overlay comes from the “Show Master Compatibility” reporter. You can disable it in the View menu.

Can you try to start without external plugins by holding the Option and Shift key when you start the app. You should this in the top right corner when it was successful:
Bildschirmfoto 2023-04-03 um 10.17.56

Ok. Totally my fault on error message. This was the message I got by open the file that doesn’t work in glyph 3.2(3182) with Glyph 3.1.2, the last previous version. Unfortunately I’m not able to restart the app with plugins disabled (I kind feel stupid actually) anyway when I turn off the show master compatibility I lost everything (image below). I cannot find the plugin show master compatibility in the scripts folder, is it strange, isn’t it?

FYI: Show Master Compatibility is built-in Glyphs, so there are 2 reasons, why it won’t show up in the Scripts folder: 1. Only scripts should show in the Scripts folder, not plugins. 2. in the Plugins folder however are only external plugins, not the built-in ones like Show Master Compatibility.

Please read the Crashes tutorial, and follow the steps outlined there. Especially restarting the app with OPT+SHIFT held down.

The missing outlines are caused by a plugin that is crashing/failing before Glyphs can draw the outlines. So starting without plugins should fix this.

Please try without plugins. If that still doesn’t open, could you send it to me?

@Mark didn’t know it was a built in, certainly this is the reason why it didn’t show up in the plug in folder. Thank you for that, Mark!
Regarding the issue I solved it by putting in the background the new corrupted file in an old step of my work and then swapping the non-matching shapes. Surprisingly it worked. If I open the new file with Glyphs 3.2 (3182) is working again without issue.
The old corrupted file it still not working even if I disable the plugin folder.
Maybe I did something wrong in the process and I messed up with files in some way, but it doesn’t matter anymore at this point.
Thank you for you time!

That’s quite curious, because your screenshot shows, that some plugins are still “seeing” the outlines/paths of your file just fine (Smart Plumblines, Angled Handles, Masters Compatibility and even the Corner Components show). So that still makes one suggest, that there is just an issue with the outlines not showing even though they are there (like Georg said).

Sorry @Mark I wasn’t referring to my image posted above. But to the one posted here. I didn’t show it before because I thought it wasn’t useful anymore.
The outlines are there for sure ( I was able to put that outlines in the background of another file ) in fact I can select them or select a point but I cannot make any changes that can cause a crash. I confess that I’m curious but I don’t need assistance anymore. I don’t want to waste your time.
Unless you want to know which bug affect my file in order to prevent the same problem in the future for other users

Can you check the color settings in the preferences? Maybe you have set the stroke color to white?

Ok the standard color settings in this file was set totrasparent for the foreground stroke color.

If I change the settings in black foreground color nothing happen

Can you reset it by pressing the Standard button?

And can you add something in the Text View Width? e.g. 12000.

Something seems to see messed up with your setup. Maybe you should remove the preferences file (~/Library/Preferences/com.GeorgSeifert.Glyphs3.plist), and restart your mac.

I have reset everything, compiled the field “text view width”, deleted the file you mention (that was in another folder named “Autosave Information”).
The image below is the actual status after rebooting the system

Can you now try again without plugins. And can you send me the .glyphs file?

Apparently nothing happen.
Where do I send you the file?

Please send it by email to support at this domain. Or in a link to the file in a direct message in the forum.

The problem is an invalid filter in the metrics settings.

It had a manually set Subcategory == Currency. Setting it up with the UI directly like this makes it work:

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Gosh, stupid me :roll_eyes:
Many thanks for your help

How did you make that filter?