Panning Workspace Glitch

Does anyone have the same problems when panning the workspace?


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This is super annoying, is it a bug or just something with our trackpad/mouse setup?


Do you happen to use magic preferences software? I think it might be the cause…

This never happened to me. It does seem to be related to the mouse drive. Probably a similar problem as with the Wacoms.


I don’t use Magic Preferences. But I do use Kensington’s Trackball Works.

is it possible that you try it without this driver?

I’ve been doing a lot of work in Glyphs on my new machine this week and the problem doesn’t happen there. Perhaps this bug is related to old OS/driver/software installs getting corrupted or misconfigured.

Wacom drivers are known to misbehave with Glyphs. They don’t fire the events in the right order or omitting some. So you get a mouse down, a mouse drag but no mouse up. So you never know when to stop doing things.

I can now confirm that magic prefs was the cause of the problem in my case.
I used it to limit the area sensitive to touch on the magic mouse so i don’t pan my workspace when i want to click but accidentally my finger slipped just 2mm on the mouse…