Parameter to flatten nested components

Nested components in ttf fonts are messed up when printed with postscript printers (post script printers are widely used in the printing and typographic world).

A parameter similar to “keep transformed components” but flatten them would be super useful :slight_smile: Btw, Fontmake has a "flatten components " option which is quite useful: ufo2ft/ at main · googlefonts/ufo2ft · GitHub


+1 Rosalie

A client reported a problem with nested components when printing (in screen looked good though).
Having this parameter would be a great addition to avoiding unexpected behaviors.


Hope you don’t mind me bumping this with another +1, as a custom parameter as described above would be an incredibly helpful feature. I’ve encountered this issue multiple times and it’s always reported by QA processes. Thank you for considering!


You could write a filter to flatten nested components, which you trigger upon export for TTFs.

I’ll have a look. Thanks for the bump.

I would be very interested in a solution for this matter, too.

Hi, I haven’t tested with transformed components, but doesn’t running a Remove Nested Components filter work? I wrote one you can also add as a prefilter for static instances.

My solution for variable fonts is running the filter on all layers before export on a duplicate file (best integrated into your own export plugin).

Looking at the code again I see there might be some limitations with nested components in special layer glyphs, as well as with atypical multiple-master setups. Use at your own risk (and please report any issues it might have with your setup).

@mekkablue I saw the new plug-in, Unnest Components. Thank you for this!