Paste kerning

Georg, After I tried to copy paste kerning from the kerning panel, I can not use the shortcut keyboard, ‘option’ + ‘<‘ and ‘>’ anymore. And then, although I reinstalled the glyph app again, but still it doesn’t work. Is this problem from not reinstalling clearly or did any other problems occur? Could you let me know? Maybe, it happen to be scripting error. Do you know the way to solve this problem? Also, could teach me reinstall clearly? App downloaded from your website, and registered by a key from e-mail before test period is finished.

Reinstalling does not help at all. Maybe deleting the preference file but I doubt that.

What do you mean by that shortcut?

After I tried to copy paste kerning from the kerning panel, I have trouble with ‘a quick access’. Then, you said before, I erased the kerning information copied, and now the kerning panel is blank for a font. But, I still can not use the quick access, keyboard ‘option’ + ‘<‘ and ‘>’ anymore. You mean deleting the preference file is needed or I need the preference for the error? Is there any solution to format the kerning panel and fix it? I checked the ‘option’ key in keyboard viewer in my mac, and it works well in the system, but in Glyph app, maybe it does not work.

What should this shortcut do?

By ‘quick access’, do you mean switching between windows? Which keyboard layout are you using?

Is there anything in the when this happens?

Georg, I only posted, #1: 8 Jan 2014 12:44, Yesterday, #3: 22:21 only, someone used my id. My question is about only not working ‘option’ +’<’,’>’. When it happened, Glyphs showed sending a error message to developer but I didn’t, because I did not recognize it is serious.

I changed the password anyway. I only use some, plugins recommended from your website in Glyphs.

Chan, please answer these three questions, otherwise we cannot help you:

  1. We do not know what you mean with ‘option’ +’<’,’>’. The Option key and the greater/lesser sign?
  2. We do not know this shortcut. What is its purpose?
  3. Which keyboard layout do you use?