Paste Special not working

I have used the new Paste Special switches with some success. Right now I have an 8-master MM file, and I’d like to copy all data from one glyph cell to another. It worked perfectly at some point in the past, but now it gives no result at all. I don’t think I need to set any specific switches if I want to paste all data, correct? I am guessing that Glyphs doesn’t like to have to copy and paste 8 masters worth of data. But it should work for any number of masters.

Can you describe specifically what you did? That I can reproduce it?

I use the standard copy command on one, or two, glyphs in an 8-master file. I then select one, or two, cells I’d like to paste those into, and use the paste special command. I select “all data” and return, and nothing happens.

Which version do you have? There was a bug that should be fixed in the recent betas.

I have 2.1.1 (782).

I’m still seeing this behavior. No result when pasting special one glyph to another. I tried checking every box before then checking “all data”, and nothing gives a result. Again, this is 8 masters which are all compatible. I just now updated to build 789.

Please answer at least this one question: Are we supposed to check specific boxes in the dialog before then checking the “all data” box, or are those all supposed to be unchecked?

That should not matter. All Data should override all other options.

We are investigating the issue, but I cannot reproduce it in 789. Can you send us the file(s) in question? A sample glyph should do.

Check if the Layers menu in the selected cells shows any Layers … if NOT this is the problem > Click on copy it will create a layer then try Paste Special.

I see the many layers in the Layers menu. I decided to check them all, then tried paste special again. This time, the cell in the main font window didn’t change, but the outlines did get pasted into all 8 layers. Progress!

I think it is a matter of refreshing the screen … or you may “Update Glyph info”

Note: Update Glyph Info may not be the right solution in some cases where I have a list and encoding that doesn’t match Glyphs’ current definitions. Changing the size of the cells and other screen refresh techniques don’t change this behavior.

This is still not working correctly. In the font view, no change is apparent in the newly pasted glyph, but if you open that glyph, the new pasted outlines are there. But there is a new wrinkle: normal key commands for next/previous glyph, and next/previous glyph in current list view, stop working, after I arrive at the newly pasted glyph; as if those commands can’t work from the mysterious world where the pasted glyph lives. It’s not unlike when you’re in the window of a glyph with a duplicate name or unicode, and all the normal behavior stops. The name of the pasted glyph is the same in the font window, but it has become something else in the glyph window; a nice or common name instead of the unicode value.

I cannot reproduce it. Can you send me a sample glyph?

I assume both files are set to custom naming?