Pasting Bitmaps

Does anyone know if there is a way to paste in bitmaps to the character view (as you can in FL and FoG)?

I found the ‘add image’ in the layers pallet.

Just a note on this, I’ve found the process of getting an image into Glyphs and editing it very cumbersome. That I have to save a separate image for each char is very laborious, and then to have to manually type in the % to modify it’s size in Glyphs again requires too much handling.

For a app aimed at Simplicity, it should be as simple as ‘Copy, paste, transform’

After a little bit more testing, I think I’ve got a Lion specific bug.
after importing an image, as soon as I try to trace it, the image disappears.
If I delete all the nodes/points on the the page, the image is visible again.

probably I have disabled the “Show Image” setting in the view menu (or the preferences were reset while installing).
Images always are shown if there are no paths in the glyph, but if you add one, the setting is respected.
This is not very obvious or even misleading, I know.

Hi Georg,

Thanks for that. With the ‘show image’ option checked it all seems to be working ok.
I ended up doing the initial outlines in illustrator and pasting in from there (this works really well btw)

Although this is a good compromise, it would still be great if the process of getting an image into Glyphs was a little less complicated. Even something as simple as being able to resize placed images with the scale tool would really help.

Really enjoying the app otherwise.