Pasting copied glyphs into classes

Suggestion: it would be helpful if Glyphs could recognize when I have copied multiple glyphs from the font window, that I intend them to be pasted as glyph names if pasting into a pane on the Features tab of the Font Info.

In other words:

  1. Select multiple glyphs and Copy (cmd-C) – say, /k and /kcommaaccent.
  2. Go to Font Info-Features and try to paste (cmd-V) – say, in a new “@k” class.

Result: Nothing, since the copy was of glyphs but the field expects text.

Desired result: “/k/kcommaccent” (or even better “k kcommaaccent”) appears.

I recognize that the copying and pasting I want can be achieved by doing a Copy Glyph Names rather than a regular copy. But it would be convenient if the software could make the obvious conversion for me

Msybe I’m missing something, but it seems to work for me. The only additional task is to replace the “/” with a space after pasting.

right, and you can do the last step with a simple find and replace command.

additionally: mekkablue wrote a script that creates a class right from your selected glyphs, be sure to check that out:

Try this

Or you can try the OpenType > Make OT Class from selected glyphs script from

to not confuse you, the last 3 answers are all referring to the same script :wink:

To explain this a bit. If you copy in the font view, it puts the glyphs as unicode text in the clipboard. Try pasting in a text editor.

BTW I just updated the script. It now works much better, especially if you want to create many classes.

smooth one, thanks mekkablue