Pasting in sample text

Looks like sample text is limited to 15 characters per “line”. I’d like to paste in a large amount of text that I use for kerning. Despite the fact that the pasted text has returns and spaces between words and paragraphs, only the spaces (and text) are pasted. The returns are not.

Such leaves the words breaking in the middle of the words when the end of the “line” is reached.

I can manually enter returns in the text after pasting but I’d like to have the returns paste in as part of the text. I there a way to get the returns pasted along with the text?

I not speaking about sample text, by the way, this is pasted text.


This works just fine for me. Where do you copy the text from. Glyphs only supports mac style line endings…

I copied the text from BBEdit. If you can do it, I should be able to also. I’ll try TextEdit or something.