Patchy or missing parts of letter when exporting font to InDesign

When I’m exporting the font to InDesign, some letters seem to miss or look patchy in InDesign. But not in Glyphs. I believe it’s a bug, since the same letter in a piece of text, can miss a part in one word, and another part in another word. And in other words it looks perfectly fine.
I thought it might just be the display, but even when I print it, it looks the same. And there’s nothing wrong with the letter in the Glyphs program.

Then your path direction are not good.

Or lack of hinting info? (e.g. stem values)

Both answers helped me, but I still seem to have issues with the upper stroke of the B. It seems as if it’s thinner than the other strokes, the same issue with F and E.

Can you post a screenshot of the outlines or send me the file?

Yes :slight_smile:

  1. The top stroke is drawn with curve segments. Why? Try Paths > Tidy up Paths (Cmd-Opt-Shift-T).
  2. Also, it is not easy to judge the thicker overlay path (the one you move to the side in the 2nd picture). I am afraid there may be a self-intersection at the very acute corners. Try to give it a tiny little bit of an angle.
  1. Did tidy up paths, made no change.
  2. There’s no intersection on the thicker paths, also it’s only the top stroke that’s giving me trouble. :blush:
  1. If it didn’t remove the handles, then your nodes are not aligned and the hint cannot get a grip on that thin top stroke.
  2. How do you know? Did you check the exported font? If both handles are originating in the same point and directed in the same direction, there’s a good chance of a self intersection. And especially at the top, this could create a complex path and interfere with the hint.
  1. I made a path (I also made a new one just to make sure) and made an offset of 1. So the nodes are aligned, and there is also a hint on the line of the path.
  2. Because when I remove the thicker paths and export it, the problem is still there.
    I want to upload the file, but I’m not allowed to, as I’m a new user.
  1. The problem are these handles. If they really are aligned, Tidy Up Paths removes them. From what you write, I suspect they are not properly aligned, possibly because they may have been slightly off before offsetting already.
    <img src="/uploads/default/original/2X/d/d4653feb2d76a3722b48cb04ac808422ec3931fb.png":>
  2. You can send files to support (at) (this website without www). I will have a look.

Thank you. I wrote you an email same day you replied me, but I just got a delivery notification, that the email is delayed…
Is this the email?

Without forum.