Path Problem Finder Error: 'int' object is not callable'

Do you have any hints, what is wrong here? It only appears in some glyphs…

Processing 1 glyphs:
1. a
Path Problem Finder Error: 'int' object is not callable
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "Path Problem", line 731, in PathProblemFinderMain
    if shallowCurveBBox and hasShallowCurveBBox(thisLayer, threshold=float(shallowCurveBBoxThreshold)):
  File "Path Problem", line 171, in hasShallowCurveBBox
    horizontallyWithin = minX-1 < min(pointB.x, pointC.x) and maxX+1 > max(pointB.x, pointC.x)
TypeError: 'int' object is not callable

Please uninstall and reinstall the scripts. Your installation is outdated.

That’s the first thing, I have done.

But I did it again.
After restart, it ran a few times. And then shows this error again. Restart. A few runs. Error. And so on…

This error (line 171) is definitely not from the current version. Because line 171 is different in the current version. If this error comes again, you have an outdated version installed.

If it persists, consider wiping your Scripts folder and reinstalling all scripts from scratch. There may be an outdated or manually installed version around that cannot be overwritten automatically.

Ha, there was an (old) doublet in the folder. Probably loaded first…


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