PDF "cannot extract the embedded font" when exporting from InDesign

So… I’m not exactly sure what I did wrong, but I’m an issue where I keep getting a “Cannot extract the embedded font ‘XXXXXX+Font-Name’ Some characters may not display or print correctly.” from .PDFs exported from InDesign (CC 2020)

Any ideas on why this is happening? I’m a bit clueless here so I’m not even sure what I should be telling you about the font, but I think the issue is coming from the fact that it has 2 Axis (Contrast + Weight) with non-WWS naming attributed to its instances

You are saying that this is a variable font? I would not expect that Indesign 2020 is doing anything right with variable fonts. The 2022 version barely keeps up.

Found out I had a glyph with a bogus name which was likely causing the issue, but yeah… InDesign definitely not helping

What name was it?

I had accidentally added a few random characters to the /four.numr/