Pencil Tool suggestion

I’ve been testing a combination of Pencil tool and offset stroke, and noticed that the smoothing algorithm is a bit too sensitive to the initial moments of dragging. When you start dragging, usually your hand doesn’t quite get a grip of the stroke and it gets a little wobbly, whereas when you release a drag, no matter if it’s track pad or tablet pen, your release is much better defined and smoother, as if a plane takes off from the ground. So, could you make the landing part more heavily smoothened?

I have seen that behavior, too. I’ll have a look.

Actually the takeoff bits can be a bit wobbly too. Either way, I think there should be an extra layer of cleanup at the ends of the stroke.

I think I have solved it already. I just remove a few data points near the start and end of the stroke.

I thought the problem was more about the handle direction at the start, which can be facing completely away from the overall stroke direction.