Permission to publish some Japanese translations of the tutorials?

Hello developers,
we are the Open Font foundry in Japan.

Our team has translated some tutorial articles into Japanese for ourselves.
And could we publish them for other Japanese users in our GitHub repository?

The Japanese version articles as of now we want to publish are following three.

  • Creating a Layered Color Font
  • Creating an SVG Color Font
  • Reusing Shapes: Smart Components
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Hello developers,

I made this post a month ago, but it seems that no one was interested in the Japanese version of the tutorial.
So I’ve decided to publish them on our Github at my own discretion.
Please let us know if there are any problems.

We are very interested. A month ago we were very busy with the release of Glyphs 3 so your post has slipped through.

Oops! I didn’t expect to get response so right away.
I’m sorry I should have been more polite in my post…

Anyway we published the Japanese versions of the three tutorials in below.
Gutenberg-Labo / Glyphs-Tutorials-JP-unofficial

I’m sorry for the after-the-fact report, but I’d be very happy if you could give me permission to publish.
we will take them down if they should not be published.

Two things:

  • The Color Font tutorials are about to be completely rewritten.
  • We are about to hire a person for taking care of the tutorials in Japanese, I will point him to your translations.

I apologize I said that it seems no one was interested in the Japanese version of the tutorial.

I understand that you plan to rewrite the Color Font tutorials.
Since we make and distribute a color font and need to rework it, we will rewrite the article too when we detect an update of the tutorial.

I’m also understand the plan to officially translate the tutorial into Japanese.
If our translation can be of any help, we will be happy.
Thank you.