Phantom old version of glyphs

Today I tried to install a .glyphsfilter file by doubleclicking on it. To my surprise, it opened up glyphs with the old (v1) logo, said the trial had expired and quit. In my applications folder there is only one Glyphs version (the latest), and a search of my hard drive comes up with no other Glyphs file. If I right-click on the .glyphsapp file, it gives me the option of opening with several Glyphs versions, including 1.4.4, but I cannot find them installed anywhere. where might they be and how do I uninstall them?

Have you done a Finder Search “Glyphs” filtered by “Kind”? You should be able to find it that way.

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When the old version is open, you can right click on the icon in the dock and click Show in Finder or cmd+shift click the icon directly).

I would expect the old version in the Diwnloads folder.

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Show in Finder did the trick. Oddly enough it was inside
/Users/kemie/Library/Application\ Support/Glyphs/Glyphs 587
along with a bunch of other versions.
Search didn’t find it, oddly.


Spotlight mostly ignores the contents of the library.