Photoshop Glyph panel is empty

I am having a strange issue with a font i made and photoshop. I have exported and can use the font in all my applications. The only problem being that the photoshop glyph panel is totally blank when my font is selected. Clicking a space will load that character into the text field in the document.

In other adobe apps such as illustrator and indesign the glyphs panel displays all the characters correctly.
Please help as i really can not find the cause of this issue.

thanks in advance!


and this is the same font in illustrator working as expected.

Have you installed the font in the system or in the Adobe Font folder?
Read this:
and this:

I have tried both methods, also cleaned out ll the font caches and still blank in photoshop.

Have you tried exporting with a different family name? In order to exclude cache problems.

Does the same problem occur with other typefaces as well, or only your font?

Can you reproduce it in a different user on the same machine? On a different machine?

Yup tried all of the obvious solutions. Renaming, using adobe folders, using font book, clearing font caches and restarting. Etc. Other fonts I have made do not have this issue so I think its something in a custom glyph. I have now totally rebuilt it and so far it is working. Not an ideal solution and very time consuming.

Can you please send me the .glyphs file to support (at) (this website without www). I will have a look.

thanks, i have sent it over.

Hello, I am having a similar issue with the Glyphs panel in Photoshop only. When I highlight a character that has stylistic alternates, the thumbnails for the stylistic alternates pop up but are cut off, not empty. They appear just fine in Illustrator. I’ve attached a screenshot.

I didin’t find a solution for this so i remade the font in a fresh clean file. That did fix it.

I suspect this was a vertical metrics problem. Either some strange custom parameter or a stray point somewhere that produced a too big bounding box.

Thank you for your responses @Paulie and @GeorgSeifert!
@Paulie is there a quick and easy why to remake the font? Or did you have to start from scratch (set kerning and everything all over again)?

@GeorgSeifert What parameter should I be checking for? I don’t think it’s a stray point since all of the glyphs are showing up like this… Thanks so much!

Look for all the vertical metrics parameter. Maybe remove them if you didn’t add them.
The problem with the stray point is that it creates a overal bounding box that is way too bug. If photoshop is then centering the drawing, the actual shape will be outside of the visible area.

Will do and report back! Thanks for your help!