Pinch to zoom feels choppy and too fast (3.1.2)

Just tried the latest cutting edge version 3.2 (3209) and the slow zoom speed is still the most noticeable drawback. It’s preventing me from making the switch.

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After reinstalling I now only see 3.1.2 as the latest version update available, where did you find 3.2?

Agree on the zoom speed preference option, that would be a big win for everyone.

Version 3.2 is currently in beta. You can try it by enabling cutting edge releases in the Updates settings of Glyphs.

I was having the same issue with not being able to update to 3.2. For some reason, with cutting edge box checked, it wasn’t bringing up the option to update.

You can find versions here –> Glyphs Versions

This morning the Updater Checker seemed to not be working. I downloaded it manually.